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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  March 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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reporting live in miami. walter moirs. 7 news. >> >> craig::lso tonight a mother accused of doing the unthinkable. police say strain imers found her 2-year-old in a shocking place. >> it's just crazy. crazy. i don't have nothing to say about it but it just caught me unexpected me and i would have never thought she would do anything like this. >> craig: tonight, is it a case of a bad mom? 7 news reporter brandon beyer live at broward courthouse with more now. brandon. >> reporter: and craig, thank fully that 2-year-old little girl is okay and soon to be in the care of family members. meanwhile the mother accused of throwing her into a dumpster remains behehd bars. >> reporter: 28-year-old ca trees sheffield had no comment for our cameras thursday afternoon. she is leaving a custody hearing of the 2-year-old daughter she is ciewdzf throwing into this plantation dumpsterster on wednesday.
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>> it's crazy. i have nothing to say about. it it caught me unexpectedly. i never thought she would do this. >> reporter: policic say they saw said witnesses say she saw this woman throw the baby into the dumpster. she told them when they made contact with her, she didn't throat baby in but she put her? >> and she rushed toet child out. i seat kid in the drash trash i. ran bk to take the child out of trash because i didn't want her to remember that moment. thursday morning sheffield appeared care free before a judge. good morning. how are you today? though her charges are quite serious. >> ma'am, you've been charged with abusing a child without great bodily harm and down the two restation rest without silence. she was back in court on thursday afternoon, this time to temporarily lose custody of her daughter. i think any one with a good heart would go help the child or whatever.
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to help the baby and know that the mom is probably getting some help. >> >> reporter: thank goodness that woman was there and able goat child out of dumpster within minutes. e mother will remain behind bars until she meets a 16,000-dollar bond. we're live in fort lauderdale. brandon buyer. 7 news. >> craig: now at 5:00, a whitherring attack on donald trump. >> the bullying and greed and absurd 3rd grade theatrics. and the republican front runner@ says two can play that the game. and i could of said mit, drop to your knees and he would have dropped to his knees. the front runner firing up and firing back. the war of words between romney and donald trump heating up for n- this race for the whies white house. >> belkeys: alex diprato in the plex with more of today's developments. never a dull moment alex.
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moment belkeys. four years later the things have changed drastically. the two men attack each other as the race for the white house turns nastier. >> donald trump say phony a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trum university. 2003 gop mitt romney on the attack against front runner donald trump. he is playing the america public as circumstances. he gets a ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. his domestic policies wouldead to reception his foarn policies would make america,,he world less safe. romney urging republicans to get behind one of the other gop candidates in the race. marco rubio, ted cruz or john kasich. romney telling the crowd at university of utah, trum doesn't have the temper mant to be president. donald trump tells us he is is very, very smart.
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foreign policy, he is, very very not smart. >> reporter: in addition to romney 70 national security experts and senator john mccain have warned donald trump is unfit to be con commander in chief. he says trump w wld lead america into a recession. so even thoughghhe he has offered few economic plans. what little heaz said would mean he is very bad for oh,merican workers and american families. thank you done oovmentd romney's con comerchts today four years ago in starke con fres traft when he endorsed him for president. donald trump has shown extraordinarability to show how our economy works a a get jobs for the american mek people. >> and donald trump fighting back. i backed mitt romney. he was begging for my endorse o: i could of said mit, drop to your knees and he would have
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trum saying romney shoved easy bitten president obama. mit say failed candidate. he failed horribly. >> reporter: so to night the republicans will debate in detroit. no doubt donald trump says if he is attacked in this debate, le hit back harder. live in the newsplex. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. all right alex. get latest from the campaign trail 24/7 on your choice your choice app. it's free a`d available for apple and android devices. >> >> craig: also on 7, bank customers targeted and trikd. cops say a couple of guys hatched an elaborate plan to steal but officials say it fell flavment jessica hole holy live for news doral with more. jessica. >> reporter: and these two men are accused of targetiti elderly people and women. and they say this at this bank of america, they were caught red
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>> we feel confidence they have done this where. >> they are 36-year-old caesar grar var gas and 46-year-old tra hee o.2 guys arrested accused of doing bad business ate bank. using this fo poke a hole in someone's tire while the victim is getting side getting cash. they never made it to their ces destination the the tire goes flat and they pose as gogo samaritans.$% they know that envelope is in your purse and that's all they care about. and they tried to to carry out their scheme but little did they know an undercover officer was watching, catching them in the act before anything was stolen. police suspect there are more victims out there who have no idea they've been taken. >> put yourself in the vick tet tim's shoes. they get a flat tiemplet they can't find the envelope where they did the bank trans afntle they just think they are having a bad day and lot of.
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only good part of day was good samaritans in reality was the worse part of your day because they caused it all. so if you think you may have been a victim of this crime or you know anything about this crime, you're asked to call crime stoppers. that number 305-471-tips if your tip leads to an rearks you could earn a cash reward. recording live in dor ravment 7 news. >> belkeys: all right jessica. a dangerous day for city police eevment was doing training on virginia key when he passed out. officials think he suffered from a heat related illness. sky force hd was over the scene at mercy hospital where he was taken by ambulance and he is expected to make a full recovery. a 7 news viewer sending us pictures of an explosive seen on the palmetto the garbage truck catcng fire near the flagler street exit in west miami-dade no. word on what started this fire but driver was not hurt. remember furks see news happening and you can do so
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video and e-mail it to us at senditto7@wsvn.comom >> craig: other news today, the case of a man who died while in custody of baltimore police is back in court. maryland's high court hearing argumentnd weather officer porter can be forced to testify against the other officers charged in the death. a mistrial was declared in porter's case. five other officers waiting to go on trial. freddie gray died last april from a broken ck. prosecutorrers say he suffered while being transported in a police scrafnlt the texas trooper who arrested a woman who rater died in jail has been fired. brian ensee na also face as a pirnlg ri indictment. he is ciewdz of lie being the july 2015 traffic stop. sandra bland was found unresponsive in her sevmentd the medical examiner ruled it a suicide. bland's family is suing the department of safety and the jail. >> belkeys: oscar pistorius'
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denied by the south africa's highest court. and the ruling clears the way for the judge to sentence the former olympian. the minimum sentence for murder in south africa is 15 years. he was found guilty of shoot and killllg his girlfriend riva steen cam on valtine's day in 2013. he claim he miss took her for an intruder. >> craig: much more coming up here on 7 news. appalling act have a miami community on edge. helpless animals killed and a menacing note left behind. just one station with this at 6:00. >> belkeys: several south florida pice departments on guard ave hack tack caught them off@guard. >> craig: dozen of cars nay south florida neighborhood hit. police say by onean with an a fin ti for designer sunglasses. >> belkeys: and trouble comes knock on the door ave texas gun shop.
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>> >> for the latest news weather and sports.
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it's free. just search wsvn in the app store sponsored by paul bange roofing. ierks an elaborate plan comes to life. a group of thieves triggering trouble and pulling off an elaborate high. doors ripped o. display cases snach smashed. crooks getting away with an lynn martinez live in the plex with more on thiss story. lynn. >> lynn: well, not one, not two but ten suspects caught on surveillance video in this smash and grab at a houston gun shop. >> their every move caught on camera. watch as the suspects tie a chain tached to the back of a pickup truck to the door handled. the truck takes off opening the store up to the thieves. it takes a lot of nerve t- to diso that.
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as the masked b bdits raided the place grabbing handguns and rifels off the drafnlgtz the heist taking less than two minutes when. it was over the crooks fled in fled with more than 50 weapons. >> these are the times that we live in now. every one wants something for nothing. >> lynn: since the tuesday night burglary police have managed to round up three suspects and smflt weapons have been recovered. >> i figure td someone would talk about it and someone ge would get wind of it. >> lynn: well, houston pd is geaght cyst tans from the feds in this case. in the newsplex lynn martinez. 7 news. >> craig: okay lynn, thanks. >> belkeys: next up from the% fliewz plex. a semi truck leaves a driver fully freaked out. >> craig: and they are called safety pins but that doesn't mean they are safe to play with. a girl learned that the hard way. >> belkeys: and a junior golfer knows just quha to do to impress tiger woods.
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>> >> belkeys: swing and the crowd goeses whievmentd an 11-year-old golfer does something stunning on the green.
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woods could believe it. >> easy four to say. >> craig: not so much steve. >> and tiger writes first hole at the play grounds and this happened. anthis happened. tiger gets upstaged on his own course. designed a kid friendly short course near houston texas ax all par three's. at the opening yesterday a handful of lucky gidz kids got to tee off with tiger. an ee 11-year-old boy taylor stroger steals the show. >> o on his first shot of first hole, taylor knocks in a hole in one. 81 yarar tito u.k. the small gallery of fans go crazy including tiger woods. >> tiger is mission doral this year while he continues to rehab
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what a shot from that cimpletd live in the social media center. steve shapiro 7 news. >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. good afternoon every one. we have seen a mostly cloudy day here across south florida. and we're going to be watching those clouds basically moving in from the gulf of mexico. look at this. they stretch all the way back in through the yucatan and looks like they will stick around tonight and during the day tomorrow. now, there is a slight chance for showers over the next few days. 10% from friday through next thursday. what's average is about ten to 20. so we're right about there. and how about cold temperatures. are we going to see any? well, the nights are going to remain above average. what is typical is 64 degrees. we're going to be above that all the way thrgh monday. and then we start to warm up for the middle of next week. now, here are the temperares. let's go all the way up to pensacola. start thrsmght 68 degrees right now. partly cloudy skies there.
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tallahassee. 70 degrees. in the low to mid 70s across jacksonville, gainesville. right now looking partly cloudy as well throughout tampa. 71 degrees. 79 at the theme parks. south florida today we've seen all the cloud cover across the region. temperatures have been kept in check at this hour. upper 70s along the keys coast. 73 in naples and then the keys, you too have seen the cloud coverage. 76 marathon. key west a temperature of 74 and the wind currently out of the soh at around 8 miles per hour. so here's the storm tracker. pretty dry all across the area. there's a little bit of moisture across the florida straights but i think that's where it's going to stay. our next front is sitting right across the gulf states right there. it will be moving in during the day tomorrow. possibly late in the day. maybe 8:00, 10:00 at night we might be able to squeak out a shower here and then as we move in through saturday, a small
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what the front will do once it moves through e area. it's going take all the cloud cover with it and then skies will clear out as high pressure builds in behind this front the only down side will be rough waters here for boaters and the threat of rip currents at the beach so. here's the marine forecast starting with tonight. a slight chance for rip currents. the wind out of southwest five to ten. seas of one to 2 feet and biscayne bay with a light chop. now for you throughout florida keys, the wind att around ten knots. both see seas inside the reef and beyond the reef will be right around one to 2 feet. coastal waters with a light chop. now, ner next high tide miami will be at 4:26. 4:21 fort lauderdale. key largo 4:49 and almost 7:00 in the this morning new key west. tonight mostly cloudy. nice and quiet. over night lows in the upper 60s above average. by tomorrow we're still looking at clouds hang around. a nice light breeze out of west.
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low 80s and here is your extended out look. saturday and sunday looking warm and breezy. we remain with above average temperatures through next thursday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> belke: all right phil. thanks. >> craig: still head from the news station. he manl manmanages the runway during the day and now this pooch has gained interknit fame over night. >> belkeys: and their case bill tease don't get in thth waive their great nest on the court when we come back. > >> foro news 24/7, just go to
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>> craig: that is it for 7 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: you almost sounded this. >> craig: no, no. >> belkeys: wasn't that a level ten of excitement.
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>> belkeys: settle down. it will be a long night. >> craig: it is. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. keep it here. 7 news at 5:30 is up next. >> craig: stay tune. >> belkeys: caio caio.
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>> danielle: and now at 5:30 and on just one station crime. police putting the brakes on the suspected car burglar. >> good evening everybody. a man is ciewdz of breaking into several vehicles. a crime blind siegd owners of these high end sun glass and they are expensive. let's go to rh lowe live in northeast miami-dade with the exclusive. rosh. >> reporter: all right every one. let mel me tell you why this is a big deal for miami-dade police. let's start with numbers. this isn't about one or two car break-ins. how about ten car break-ins. how about 20 because that's exactly what miami-dade police are investigating.
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police, they show us all@of the stolen loot. >> it's a great feeling. obviously giving someone's property back is a good feeling. it's what w w live for. >> reporter: a great feeling indeed for miami-dade police to return all the stolen property to a number of victims. >> he has been charged with two case soz far. this laptop here was taken, it was a young man's i understand from a kid that goes to school you know and this is his school laptop, he will be very happy, i'm sure, to have it back. >> reporter: so where does all thisis stolen loot come from? cops say ira jones was behind numerous car burglaries and pairntly he an affinity for fancy eye wear. >> ira jones say young man who burglarized quite a few vehicles. we're still putting things together right now. so far we have ten cases.
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in a neighborhood in the inner coastal district. let me tell you why this is an important case for miami-dade. they believe there are numerous victims out there. how did they crack this case? an later citizen. >> they is saw jones in aion in miami-dade police bust him in his book bag all this loot and now they are flook dozens o o other cases. >> approximately 20 right but but we have ten that are a sure thing. this case is very important to us. throughout the district we've had a rash of burglaries t vehicles. many in the last month and they are on the rise again unfortunately. >> so miami-dade police are very grateful this guy is off the streets. remember, this is an ongoing investigation. we've been mentioning here as many as 20, perhahs even 25 cases f. have you any information on mr. jones, pick up the phone and call crime stoppers. that number is 305-471-tips.


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